Dear Crabby, What on Earth is a TARDIS?

Dear Crabby, On Christmas Day, after all the presents are opened and I’ve eaten my weight in Christmas dinner, the only thing I want to do is kick back and channel surf all the bowl games. But I was just informed by my wife our kid is having friends over to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special? I don’t even know that that is. Do you? Thanks! Frank Festivus Dear Mr. Festivus, Thanks for your question… I have no clue. Or rather, I didn’t know what you were talking about either when … [Read more...]

The Force is Strong at RCOC

A cast of Star Wars characters visited the Road Commission for Oakland County’s (RCOC) PVR Building (2420 Pontiac Lake Road, Waterford) to help kick-off driver safety messaging. The electronic sign has messages about the consequences of texting and driving with a little Star Wars twist: “Our Force is focused on your safety,” is also one of the five Star Wars-themed messages appearing on the sign.     … [Read more...]