Don’t Drill the Hills Celebrates its First Anniversary – A Year of Engagement & Awareness

Don’t Drill the Hills, Inc (DDHI) is proud of our first year of fighting for local resident voices in public property decisions, and helping shape the local and State conversation on issues specific to oil and gas exploration in high density residential areas. Perhaps the first organization of its kind in Michigan – we are a non-partisan, nonprofit group who is NOT against domestic energy production, but believes industrial activities belong in appropriate areas and should be pursued with a … [Read more...]

Representative Tom McMillin announces candidacy for Michigan State Senate

Today, State Representative Tom McMillin announced his candidacy for Michigan’s 13th State Senate District via YouTube video. To watch, click here. “Over the years, I have been out front in the fight against President Obama and Former Governor Granholm’s failed spend-and-tax policies that were wrong for Michigan families” said Tom McMillin, a Certified Public Accountant and third term State Representative serving Rochester, Rochester Hills and part of Oakland Township. “As a career CPA and … [Read more...]

“Pause and review” on Common Core and high-stakes testing sent to Governor

Today, following the Senate's concurrence on Michigan's omnibus budget that included a "pause and review" provision for Michigan Department of Education's implementation of Common Core national curriculum standards and the high-stakes testing associated with it, Rep. Tom McMillin said, "Today is a very good day for Michigan citizens, almost all of who did not have the opportunity to weigh in on turning over the standards taught in all of Michigan's public schools to a national trade association … [Read more...]

McMillin Wants to Give Michigan Citizens the Right to Opt out of ObamaCare

State Rep. Tom McMillin last week introduced legislation allowing Michigan residents to opt out of the new federal health care mandate, known as "Obamacare".  "Last year’s passage of the takeover of America’s healthcare system was a direct assault on Americans' right to make their own informed decisions about their health," said McMillin, R-Rochester Hills.  "This legislation will ensure that Michigan residents will maintain control of their health care, that the Federal government can’t get … [Read more...]

Rep. McMillin Bill Requires Transparency for all Detroit Pension Board

HB5993 (filed March 2010) would require Detroit Pension Board post all expenditures (including extravagent trips to Hawaii) on a public website.  Today, Rep. McMillin said, "Passage of House Bill 5993 would give the needed transparency for Detroit's Pension Board so citizens can see how these funds are being used.  Taxpayers have a vested interest in these costs, because the taxpayers are on the hook for shortfalls in the Pension fund, including shortfalls due to board expenses." See: Detroit … [Read more...]

Apparent Budget Deal Completely Kicks the Can Down the Road

Rochester Hills, MI – Today, Representative Tom McMillin (R – Rochester Hills) said he sees what appears to be a “tentative budget agreement” as a refusal to deal with government employee Cadillac benefits and continued raises, while most Michigan citizens are experiencing layoffs, less benefits and wage cuts.  He cited the over $700 million of Federal bailout money included in the deal as the primary reason Michigan government can continue to forsake dealing with the reality of Michigan’s … [Read more...]

Demand Government Transparency

We should demand transparency from our government – at all levels. When first coming to office as a state representative, I was surprised to make headlines over something I didn’t give a second thought.  I posted online the expenses of my office, including my staff’s names and their salaries.  Little did I know that this was something no other state elected official had ever done.  It was information I thought taxpayers should know.  Sometime later, as I was talking about how we need to bring in … [Read more...]

Rep. McMillin to attend today’s 8am hearing for “Dearborn 4”

Representative Tom McMillin (R - Rochester Hills) will be attending the hearing today regarding the motion to dismiss the entire case of the City of Dearborn against the four Christians arrested for engaging in conversations with festival-goers at the 2010 Arab American International Festival.  McMillin: "I can't believe the City of Dearborn wants to continue with this clear attack on the First Amendment's right to freedom of speech.  Hopefully the judge will side with freedom and not against it … [Read more...]

Rep. McMillin Endorses Ruth Johnson for Secretary of State

If you know me, you know I don't have much sympathy for Republicans who compromise on our core principles. Republican or Democrat, I call them out when they abandon the cause of limited government, traditional values or reduced taxation. Ruth Johnson is the real deal. Her record speaks for itself. As state representative, she consistently opposed fee and tax hikes. She also investigated corruption in our schools and uncovered hundreds of thousands   of our tax dollars being spent for … [Read more...]

State Senate Primary Recap

With the State Senate primary behind us, I wanted to offer my thoughts on what the election meant to the Rochester area going forward. As you know, Rochester's own Senator Mike Bishop will be term limited out of office at the end of this year. What that means for our area is that we are losing a strong advocate in Lansing. Senator Bishop has worked tirelessly to promote the Rochester area and get the needed funding from the claws of state government for projects important to our area. By now … [Read more...]