Remembering Sue Ann Douglas

Sue Ann Douglas, age 77 of Rochester, passed away December 17, 2020. Loving wife of Thomas Douglas for 56 years, dear mother of Roger Douglas. Sister of Nancy (Donald) and Candy (Glen). From April 2019 - Mayor Robert J. Ray with Rochester residents Sue and Tom Douglas - photo by Michael Dwyer Sue was well known locally for her public service on the Rochester Planning Commission, Rochester City Council, and the Oakland County Board of Commissioners. Before she started her public service … [Read more...]

Big Issues in the Regional Transit Authority Plan, Read BEFORE you Vote

Introduction by Sue Ann Douglas Former Oakland County Commissioner Following are the talking points document on the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) tax that is on the November ballot that Deputy County Executive Bob Daddow prepared for some of the county commissioners. I know it's long but Bob is a detail guy. He also mentions another document that County Transportation authority members, Tim Soave and Chuck Moss, sent to the RTA several months ago, and is linked at the end. This is a … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: Non-profits get a 90% Break on Cost of City Services

By Sue Ann Douglas, Special to Rochester Media: Did you know that the City of Rochester gives non-profit organizations who hold an event in the City Park a 90% discount off the actual the cost of police, fire and DPW services associated with their event? That's right. The non-profits only pay 10% of the actual cost. So, if the support for the event costs $15,000.00, the group pays only $1,500.00. It's no wonder everyone wants to come to our park for their fundraisers. Cities like … [Read more...]

A Note from Sue Ann Douglas

Note from former Councilwomen and County Commissioner Sue Ann Douglas I'm at Rochester's Goals and Objectives meeting and there is a suggestion to RAISE TAXES! No one has jumped on the band wagon but the next month or two will be critical. Please go to future meetings. Suggestions from the administration include stopping leaf pick-up, increasing taxes, running special mileages for things like police and fire that you would have a hard time saying "no" to. BTW, THE PARKING SYSTEM … [Read more...]

City of Rochester Financial Information

By Sue Ann Douglas I started looking into the West parking structure that was planned to cover the parking lot behind Mr. B’s in downtown Rochester, but ended up taking up more than half of Walnut Boulevard. At the 12-15-14 City Council meeting the Certified Annual Financial Report (CAFR) was presented to the City Council. This is a governmental unit's most significant piece of financial data. It is mandatory and must be done by an outside auditor. The paragraph that I want you to see … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: Van Gogh for Sale?

By Sue Ann Douglas How many times have I said that the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts) can and does sell art that hasn't been accessed into the permanent collection? They can and they do, which raises the question as to exactly how many of the 66,000 plus pieces of art that they hold have been accessed? What art did the money from the Custer Flag buy; was the flag ever accessed into the collection? If not, how was the money spent? Do those who run the DIA sit around and laugh at the stupid … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: Proposal 1 Also Brings Higher Gas Tax

Voters may not realize that if Proposal 1 passes on May 5, it will initiate 10 laws. The opinion expressed by Sue Ann Douglas in this Op-Ed is her own and does not constitute an endorsement by Rochester Media. The information Ms. Douglas is referencing comes from the Detroit Free Press article: Proposal 1’s passage would trigger these 10 laws. By Sue Ann Douglas Please note the section on the gas tax  - Remove, replace fuel tax. While it is true that the new gas tax will go only to … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: Michigan’s Road Funding Proposal

Note: The following opinion is by Sue Ann Douglas, Retired Oakland County Commissioner (18 years) and former 11-year member of Rochester City Council. This could be the most deceptive campaign by government that we have ever seen. Don't believe that this is for 'safe roads' because if it were for safe roads, every single penny collected from every bill attached to the sales tax hike would generate funds that would go ONLY to roads.  That's the scam. The bills are full of PORK that sends … [Read more...]

Op-Ed: In lame duck, lawmakers fail to fix Michigan roads

Note: The following opinion is by Sue Ann Douglas, Retired Oakland County Commissioner (18 years) and former 11-year member of Rochester City Council. "Because along with road funding, the proposal became somewhat of a Christmas Tree bill, fully restoring the earned income tax credit, raising dollars for education and other giveaways aimed at winning Democratic votes but have nothing to do with fixing highways." The Detroit News 12/19/14 Be careful what you vote for. This bill raises a … [Read more...]

Secret DWSD Swaps Deal exposed by Bob Daddow

Op-Ed by Sue Ann Douglas The Detroit Water and Sewer Department also had 'swap' deals one for sewer and one for water. When they defaulted on them, in 2012, decided to terminate the deals and pay the fines. The Water and Sewer Funds were charged $225.6 million (water) and $321.6 million (sewer).  A total $547.2 was rolled into DWDS operations and long term debt was issued with a payback over 20 years. The value to rate payers - higher bills and zero benefit. This information … [Read more...]