Dear Crabby, How Often Should I Cut the Grass?

Dear Crabby, How Often Should I Cut the Grass? Sincerely, Mo Yardly   Dear Mo, My gut cut instinct is to do it as little as possible - why waste gas and time when you don't have to. You should spend your time and your gas money for something more enjoyable - unless you enjoy mowing the lawn. However, perhaps your question warrants a deeper look into the science of grass cutting. The experts tell us that you should cut once per week - I'm sure these "experts" are the same … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, When Should I Have a Garage Sale?

Dear Crabby, When Should I Have a Garage Sale? Sincerely, Sally Sales   Ms. Sales, Here in Michigan, the best time is now! Spring, that is. People are sick and tired of being stuck inside and are looking for any reason to get out and about. As students finish classes and lawn mowers start mowing, folks are ready to clear out their junk and make a few bucks to go buy more junk. The trick is to get that sale going before there’s too much competition. Granted, you want some … [Read more...]

Welcome to my summer house

I have coined my own term to define the status of organized living, or lack thereof that we currently have around our home. It's simply called, “summer house." Summer house means grass and dirt chunks endlessly seem to gather on the floor. Summer house means that unfinished art projects linger in various locations and piles of shoes create little mountains by each door. Summer house means that all the daily cleaning I generally get to while the kids are at school gets half done, making it … [Read more...]

Simple Tips for a Productive Summer

Most of us want summer to be relaxed, carefree and fun, but often we feel just as stressed out as the rest of the year. The best way I've found to maximize the openness of the vacation weeks is by putting a little thought into the time management of your days off. Often, we find the most satisfaction in accomplishing something, so by planning the ways you'll be productive, you can actually feel more relaxed overall. Trying a few of these simple steps can help even the busiest of families embrace … [Read more...]

Summer Reading at The Rochester Hills Public Library

Residents of Rochester, Rochester Hills, and Oakland Township, don’t miss these exciting events through the Rochester Hills Public Library. Registration is online. Confirmation numbers are required at the door. See the Schedule of Events on our website at or contact Youth Services at (248) 650-7140 for more information. 2011 SUMMER READING PROGRAM-One World, Many Stories Gather your family, friends, and library cards and head to the library for great stories to read and share. … [Read more...]