Dear Crabby, Whose Superhero Side Are You On?

Dear Crabby, Now that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been out for a few weeks, I’m curious to know which superhero you side with. Thanks! Diana Prince Dear Diana, You know April Fool’s Day was last week, right? There’s a better chance of me getting a tattoo on my fanny than going to see this movie. Don’t get me wrong. I get the appeal of these superhero movies, I really do. What I don’t understand all the need to make them so over-the-top. Big explosions and all that computer … [Read more...]

Spider-Man swings through Rochester Hills

Customers at Chili's in Rochester Hills were entertained and thrilled with The Amazing Spider-Man on Tuesday night, July 15th. Staff told Rochester Media that they were excited to have the Spidy sensation in their restaurant, and they planned for more characters on the third Tuesday of every month this year. The public can sign up for Chili's email list at their website,, in order to receive coupons and notifications. As to whether this was the actual superhero or not, management … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What is with all the Superhero movies?

Dear Crabby, Why do boys today seem to love these superhero movies? It seems like every couple months another one comes out and is on every fast food cup and printed on kid’s underwear, yet again. Even the men seem to go crazy over these movies. I don’t get it, why do like them so much? Sincerely, Wondering Woman Dear Wondering Woman, I know that boys in general, both big and small, love to imagine what a superhero life would be like. I think for boys and men alike, the ability to … [Read more...]