Researchers Seek Public Participation for COVID-19 Study

A group of researchers in Oakland University’s Department of Biological Sciences is seeking public participation in a research study to identify COVID-19 symptoms and track the timeline of their development among the general population. The project collects data through an anonymous online survey in which participants record information about their symptoms and general background, including age, sex, country of origin and ethnicity. The survey is designed to assess symptoms in people who … [Read more...]

30 Second survey for Rochester Media 2014

We are conducting a 30 second survey, and your response would be appreciated. Thanks for your participation! Click here to take survey   … [Read more...]

99 Percent are Satisfied in Rochester Hills

The 99% The results of the recent bi-annual survey of Rochester Hills residents are in and an all-time record states that 99% of residents are satisfied to live in Rochester Hills. This figure comes from survey question 40, which asks, Overall, how would you rate your satisfaction with Rochester Hills as a place to live? The results are: Very Satisfied = 63%Satisfied = 36%Uncertain = 1%Dissatisfied = 0%Very Dissatisfied = 0%  While 99% are satisfied at some level, only 1% is … [Read more...]