Top Toronto Neighbourhoods

Top Toronto Neighbourhoods (that's how they spell neighborhoods in Canada) By Michael Dwyer Entertainment District I chose to stay in the “Entertainment District” of Toronto, near the Roy Thompson Hall. Home to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the hall hosts many events. Happening on the evening of my arrival, the Munk Debates were on. “The Munk Debates seek to provide a lively and substantive forum for leaders to debate the major issues facing the world and Canada,” states their … [Read more...]

Travel Bloggers Trample Toronto

Travel Bloggers Trample Toronto By Michael Dwyer The Impact on Toronto Over 13 hundred bloggers converged, in person, on the Canadian city that plays host to many world travelers. While that number of people in a giant city, with so many tourists floating around, will likely not be noticed on a large scale; it was sure noticeable to those in attendance of the TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange) Conference this past weekend. Toronto doubled the size of the event from one year ago in … [Read more...]

Time to Learn to Blog

Pounding out Your thoughts on the Keyboard People have been blogging for a while now. Originally, it was an online diary or journal that you could set for private, allow family and friends to read, or make public for the whole world to view. Options for readers to comment made it interactive. Photos and video are now commonplace on blogs giving your online journal a personality and reflective tone. Many websites use a blog-based format too, such as this one from Rochester Media that you … [Read more...]