Dear Crabby, What’s on your Table for Thanksgiving?

Dear Crabby, I'm Curious about how Famous Writers like you Celebrate the Holidays, What is on your Table for Thanksgiving Dinner? Thanks, Curious George   Hi George, What ever Mrs. Crabby makes is on the table. While that's mostly true, and I love her cooking (that's mostly true too); I bet you want a better answer. Well, turkey is the main course - of course - as it should be. I love turkey, turkey sandwiches, drumsticks - any way it comes - for days of leftovers. And turkey … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Are fewer stores open this Thanksgiving?

Dear Crabby, I hear fewer stores are opening on Thanksgiving this year, is this true, are we getting back to the way things used to be? Sincerely, Traditional Girl   Dear Traditional Girl, If only, we could get back to the way things used to be. Seems things change quickly in the wrong direction and slowly in the right ones. But you are correct. More stores will be closing this year than in previous years. In recent years, during the recession, retail stores were looking … [Read more...]