Gobble Up This Thanksgiving Book List

I love using children's books to help my children understand events that are happening in our lives. I collected my top ten favorites to help enhance your child's reading experience this Thanksgiving. 10. Arthur’s Thanksgiving by Marc Brown As always, Arthur will have your children giggling as he tries to overcome his fear of ruining the school’s Thanksgiving play. It has a great message of family togetherness. 9. Pilgrim Cat by Carol Antoinette Peacock In this story, we follow main … [Read more...]

MDCH: Talk about medical history with family over the holidays

From the Michigan Department of Community Health: This Thanksgiving, Have a Family Health History Discussion Michigan Residents Encouraged to Discuss Cancer Risks Within Families LANSING – Each year, Thanksgiving marks Family Health History Day when families are encouraged to discuss their health history with one another. Learning about your families’ health history is important for certain cancer screenings, such as colorectal cancer. Screening helps detect issues before there are symptoms … [Read more...]

Looking for the best price on Turkey? Try Hollywood Markets

Everyone is looking for the best price on turkey right now. However they want a quality turkey as well. Look at Hollywood Markets for the best of both worlds! Currently running sales on their website. Check www.hollywoodmarkets.net for more information! … [Read more...]

Today I Met A Woman That Gave Me A Reason To Be Thankful

As shared by Sheri Gulla Today I met a woman.  She has two daughters and a hyperactive son.  Her home consisted of a mattress on the floor, a stained small sofa and one end table.  She has no car.  Works for a home health care agency making $8 per hour and has to ride the bus to all her client locations.  $8 per hour to provide for three children.  One daughter wants to be a chef.  The other a nurse.  And the woman herself wants to go back to school at age 51 to try to become a dialysis … [Read more...]