Dear Crabby, Do You Know the History Behind Father’s Day?

Dear Crabby, I know the history of how and why we celebrate Mother’s Day, but is there a story behind Father’s Day? While moms are very important, I sometimes feel we dads get overlooked. Thanks! Luke S. Dear Luke S., Great question! As you said, moms are very, very important people (I gotta stay on Mrs. Crabby’s good side). But as you also said, sometimes we dad get overlooked. I have often felt like stores spend big bucks for their Mother’s Day advertising and then treat Father’s … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Where Can I Find Out About Events Around Town?

Dear Crabby, Is there an event calendar anywhere that lists all the events happening in the Rochester/Rochester Hills, Michigan community? Of course, it probably won’t have everything, but as many as possible? Thanks! Arlene B. Dear Arlene, Well, we certainly live in a great area where there never seems to be a shortage of things to do. And there’s nothing worse than FOMO. That’s cool kids slang which means, ‘Fear of Missing Out.’ My grandkids once asked me how we found out about … [Read more...]

1,000 Likes and Counting

It may not sound like much to large companies, but we're excited to reach 1,000 likes on our Facebook Page. The Community Edge hit that landmark a few days ago and we wanted to thank you for being a part of bringing hyper-local news to you, are readers. Thank you. We actually have three Facebook Pages. The Community Edge is our news outlet. But we also have one for Rochester Media, our publishing branch, and Dear Crabby has is own (he demanded it, but still has trouble using the … [Read more...]

RCOC Update on Tienken Road Construction Project

On Monday, March 30, the second phase of the Tienken Road construction project was underway after a week’s delay. This project specifically impacts Tienken Road from Canyon Creek to Rochester Road. Residential and business access will be maintained within the closure zone. The detour is Adams Road to University Drive to Rochester Road and vice versa. While weather and other factors can cause unforeseen delays, the closed portion is slated to reopen in September, while the entire project … [Read more...]

Happy Quad-iversary to Rochester Media and The Community Edge

Happy "Quad-iversary" to Rochester Media and The Community Edge.  We are amazed that four years have already passed since the first issue of The Community Edge made its debut! After 208 issues have been created, distributed, and read, we are thrilled that the community is still warmly welcoming us. We want to take a moment to update you on the past year's progress. Our weekly email, titled The Community Edge, currently reaches over 1,900 subscribers. We have had 168,000 unique visitors to our … [Read more...]

Capture history with local photo competition

Come and celebrate our agricultural heritage with Silos in the Landscape photography competition to be show cased alongside the history of silos, their construction, purpose, and function. GUIDELINES Oakland Township Historic District Commission (HDC) invites all to enter its 2013 photo contest.  We are looking for images of Silos that are located in Oakland County, Michigan. JUDGING Images will be judged on originality, composition, technical excellence, and artistic merit.  The judges … [Read more...]

Rochester Media and The Community Edge Celebrate Two Year Anniversary

Can you believe that is has been two years since we sent out our first newsletter?  We cannot.  After 104 issues have been created, distributed, and read, we are thrilled that the community is still engaging with and enjoying us. We want to take a moment to update you on the last year's progress. We currently reach approximately 1650 subscribers with the weekly e-mail that we call "The Community Edge."  We consistently see 4500 to 6000 visitors on our website each month. The Oakland Press and a … [Read more...]

The Community Edge Archive- Issues 22-25

If you are interested in finding past articles the archives for The Community Edge issues 22-25. Issue 22 from 12-30-2010 Issue 23 from 1-6-2011 Issue 24 from  1-13-2011 Issue 25 from 1-21-2011 Thank you for your support.  If you do not see what you are looking for please write to us at and we will help you find it. … [Read more...]

Rochester’s Burgeoning New Media Environment

It’s been a year and a half since the Rochester Eccentric closed its doors. But it didn’t take long for new ventures to begin filling the void. There are now three online news sources covering the greater Rochester community, each with a unique style. That’s in addition to two local weekly newspapers, Community Lifestyles and the Rochester Post. First to open, one year ago, was The Rochester Citizen, owned and operated by Rochester Hills resident Bruce Fealk. Six months later Tom Gendich, … [Read more...]

Welcome to The Community Edge

Welcome to the first issue of The Community Edge, a publication of Rochester Media. This is a free weekly e-mail subscription that will have news, updates, entertainment, and coupons for the greater Rochester/ Rochester Hills area. We look forward to your input and your interaction over the coming months and years!  Our talented group of contributors ranges from elected officials to onsite reporters. We will be covering high school sports and news as well as other community information. Our … [Read more...]