Dear Crabby, What’s All the Hype About ‘Hamilton?’

Dear Crabby, Lately, my newsfeed has been filled with people geeking out over Hamilton the musical. Since all the theatres are closed, I can’t figure out what all the fuss is about. Do you have any clue? Thanks, K. George Will Dear K. George Will, I know we’ve all been sheltering at home these past few months, but it sounds like you’ve also been sheltering under a rock. First, a little background for those of you who slept through American history. Good old Alexander Hamilton is … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Why Hasn’t the U.S. Switched to the Metric System?

Dear Crabby, Why Hasn't the U.S. Switched to the Metric System? Thanks, Graham Stone   Dear Graham, Well, we kind of have made the switch ... sort of. We've been inching our into the metric system for a long time. Basically, we started with it ... at least with our money. Thomas Jefferson was given the task of deciding what weights and measurements our new country would use. America was the first nation to use a fully decimal form of measurement for currency - our dollar is … [Read more...]

Time to Celebrate George Washington

By Michael Warren If images of wooden teeth, cherry trees, dollar bills, and carpet sales popped into your mind, I suspect you would be in very large company. Do these images accurately reflect his importance to America? Not so much. His contributions to the American experiment in self-government are unparalleled: Virginian legislator and revolutionary; Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army; President of the Constitutional Convention; and first President of the United States of … [Read more...]