Avon Road Bridge To Have More Lanes Closed

Beverly Hills, Mich. — The Road Commission for Oakland County, in the near future, will permanently close additional lanes on the Avon Road bridge over the Clinton River just east of Livernois in Rochester Hills. The amount of weight that can legally be carried over the bridge will also be reduced. The changes are necessary due to the deteriorating condition of the bridge. The increased weight restrictions will take effect tomorrow, Feb. 3. The additional lanes will be closed as soon as … [Read more...]

Tienken Road Bridge Over Stoney Creek Now Open!

The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) yesterday afternoon (Oct. 19) opened the new Tienken Road bridge over the Stony Creek between Sheldon and Washington roads in Rochester Hills. Tienken Road had been closed at the bridge since June so the bridge could be replaced. The bridge that was replaced was built in 1940 and its structure was significantly deteriorated. The new bridge is a pre-cast, three-sided concrete bridge with an asphalt road surface. Additionally, RCOC was able to … [Read more...]

Troubled Bridge Over Quiet Waters? WITH VIDEO

The Tienken Road Bridge near the Historical District in Rochester Hills has been under construction for over four months now.  The various rumors heard around town range from the contractor ordering the wrong trusses to the City not measuring the river's width properly.  One rumor even stated that the Historical District was going to be completely ruined and that no one would work with them or take the necessary actions to preserve their heritage.  A few phone calls to the people in charge was … [Read more...]