Dear Crabby, Can a City Have Too Much Growth?

Dear Crabby, By far my favorite season is fall! The crisp air, cozy fires, and the annual trip to the cider mill. But what I especially love is looking at the color on the trees. But lately, as I’ve driven around Rochester and Rochester Hills, I’ve noticed a lot of have been cut down for development projects. And I’m wondering, do you think there can be too much growth in a city? Thanks! Fran Foliage Dear Fran Foliage, I agree with you about the fall. Too many people these days are … [Read more...]

Tienken: A Road Divided

In less than three weeks, Rochester Community School students will be returning to their classrooms and the construction around many of the schools will still be underway. While the construction is sorely needed, especially on the well-traveled Tienken, it has proven to be a source of frustration for many. Last week Fairview Farms resident Linda Davis-Kirksey expressed her thoughts in an Op-Ed piece, ‘Epic Communication Fail – Tienken Road Construction Project.’ Rochester Media reached out to … [Read more...]

Tienken-Livernois Intersection Getting Closer to Completion

In their weekly email update, the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) estimates that if temperatures rise enough to complete the paving process, then the Tienken-Livernois intersection should be open around Wednesday, November 26. No word on an opening date should temperatures stay on the lower side. The second phase of this project - from Rochester Road to the Paint Creek Trail - will take place in 2015. Additionally, as holiday shopping ramps up around Great Lakes Crossing, be … [Read more...]

Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) projects

The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) announced the following projects may cause traffic delays on between July 16 and July 23 or may start shortly thereafter. It is RCOC’s goal to conduct road improvement projects in a way that interferes with traffic as little as possible. This list includes both Road Commission projects and projects conducted by others, under permit, on roads under the jurisdiction of the Road Commission. Please note: This information is subject to change. … [Read more...]