Dear Crabby, When Should A Pro Athlete Retire?

Dear Crabby, I’m a huge NASCAR fan and I was bummed earlier this week when Dale Earnhardt, Jr. announced he would retire after this season. And while it’s sad to see such a legacy come to an end, I can understand him wanting to move on. But it did get me wondering about other pro athletes. Are there any that you think should retire? Thanks! Rhonda Racetrack Dear Ms. Racetrack, You pose an interesting question. No one wants to be told when he or she must retire. And I think as long … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, I Need Help Matching My Clothes!

Dear Crabby, My wife is always complaining that I don't match when I get dressed. Is it foolish that a grown man cannot get dressed without his wife's help these days? Sincerely, Max MisMatch Dear Mr. MisMatch, If I had a nickel for every fella that told me his wife didn't approve of his outfit - well, I'd have a bunch of nickels for sure!  I think God intentionally mixed up men's matching abilities so that women would have something to entertain themselves with.  It's just one of … [Read more...]