Dear Crabby, Are toilets clean?

Dear Crabby, A family member of mine does not feel like any toilet is clean. They will not use public restrooms and they do not even like to use other people's bathrooms when visiting. Do you think toilets are really that dirty or can I convince my relative that they are safe? Sincerely, Clean Slate Dear Clean Slate, I know that your relative is not alone in this feeling. I have encountered many people who feel the same way about toilets in general. It is a place that deals with a … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, How Do I Deal With Public Restrooms and Kids?

Dear Crabby, My kids always have to go to the bathroom when I am out in public places.  It drives me crazy!  How can I deal with this properly? Sincerely, Sanitary Mommy Dear Sanitary Mommy, I remember having those issues as well when my kids were little. Now I have the distinct pleasure of watching my grown daughter deal with them instead!  We always had the rule that they needed to line the potty chair with toilet paper first and not touch the thing at any cost.  Oddly enough my … [Read more...]