Dear Crabby, Will the Halftime Show at Super Bowl LII Be Good?

Dear Crabby, It’s time again for the Super Bowl circus. My wife is losing her mind over the fact Justin Timberlake is performing during halftime. Do people actually watch the halftime shows? If so, what do you think about this year’s choice? Thanks! Fred Fumble Dear Fred Fumble, I think two years ago, I mentioned that the Super Bowl halftime shows of yore were nothing more than a hodgepodge of marching bands, majorettes, and a drill team. Now of course they are large-scale … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, I Don’t Understand Fantasy Football!

Dear Crabby, My husband wants me to play on this fantasy football league with him, but I really don't get it. He thinks it will be something we can do for fun, but I suspect he just wants an excuse for me to let him watch football all weekend. What do you think about this fantasy football stuff? Sincerely, Beth Beenthinkin Dear Mrs. Beenthinkin, I think you know your husband better than he thinks you do. However, I do know a couple that mutually enjoys this fantasy football stuff … [Read more...]