Dear Crabby, What Type of Music Makes You Happy?

Dear Crabby, Now that live music has started again, I was curious what sort of music do you like? And do you plan on attending a concert soon? Thanks, Hattie Harmony Dear Hattie Harmony, Years ago, someone asked me if I sing or play an instrument. Personally, I think the acoustics in my shower is wonderful and therefore, make me sound like Bing Crosby. My family, on the other hand, is less appreciative of my talents. Once, when someone asked Mrs. Crabby what part I sing, she … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What’s the Deal with ‘Convenience Fees?’

Dear Crabby, I’m a lifelong music fan, but lately when I’ve gone to buy tickets I have sticker shock by all the extra ‘convenience fees’ added to the price! What are they for and why are they so much? Thanks, Regina Rocknroll Dear Regina Rocknroll, Hmmm. The last concert I got dragged to was an anniversary present for Mrs. Crabby and I. Usually, I try to avoid going to concerts since crowds (and people in general) annoy me, but it was our 50th anniversary and our kids wanted to treat … [Read more...]