Dear Crabby, How do you deal with Posion Ivy?

Dear Crabby, I recently came into contact with poison ivy and have these terrible red rashes. Is there a good and quick remedy for this? Sincerely, Joe Notsocool Dear Mr. Notsocool, Yes, I have had my fill of poison ivy in my lifetime! When I was younger, I would seem to get this rash every summer. I would simply walk past an area in the woods and this stuff would attack me from a distance! I think my mother and father bought more calamine lotion for me than they did food for a few … [Read more...]

Book Review: One Lump or Two?

Chances are we all know someone either directly or indirectly suffering from cancer. We’ve worn the pink ribbons and slipped on the yellow bracelets to show our support, but how would you react to hearing the life-altering sentence, “You have cancer.” Well, that’s exactly what Linda Sadler had a chance to find out firsthand when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2009. She isn’t a celebrity, but rather a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend. How does an ordinary woman deal … [Read more...]