Dear Crabby, Is A Free Trip Really Free?

Dear Crabby, I keep seeing advertisements that say you can go on a free trip to Florida or Las Vegas.  Do you think those are scams, or are they worth it? Sincerely, Rita Readintoit Dear Ms. Readintoit, If there is anything I have learned in my few years on this planet, it is that there is no such thing as a free lunch or a free trip!  When I was young and less wise than I am today, I was convinced to go on one of these trips.  My friend Sal called me one day and told me that his … [Read more...]

Rep. McMillin Bill Requires Transparency for all Detroit Pension Board

HB5993 (filed March 2010) would require Detroit Pension Board post all expenditures (including extravagent trips to Hawaii) on a public website.  Today, Rep. McMillin said, "Passage of House Bill 5993 would give the needed transparency for Detroit's Pension Board so citizens can see how these funds are being used.  Taxpayers have a vested interest in these costs, because the taxpayers are on the hook for shortfalls in the Pension fund, including shortfalls due to board expenses." See: Detroit … [Read more...]