Make Each Bite Count!

When you think about it, “there’s nothing like a home-cooked meal” is just about the most random statement there is.  Is there really nothing like it?  And does that mean that a home-cooked meal really tastes better?  If you are eating in my home, you may suggest that the statement is referring to the lack of talent in the preparation of what’s on your plate! Regardless of defining what that statement really means, cooking at home is generally much cheaper than dining out, especially when tax … [Read more...]

Tying The Knot Pretzels at the Village of Rochester Hills

 Tying The Knot Pretzels is now open at the Village of Rochester Hills Stop in and welcome the Village’s newest eatery. Check out a variety of pretzel knots, stuffers, pretzelwiches, daily specials and more! 248-375-8899 Website here. Our Pretzel Pledge (We recite this every morning before we open, right hand on our hearts) We pledge our Company will use only the finest, organic and all natural ingredients, free of preservatives, added colors, flavors or artificial sweeteners in … [Read more...]