Uber-Like Local Delivery Business Helps People Move Big Things

OU INC Helps Oakland University Student Launch On-Demand Delivery Business About two years ago, Oakland University (OU) student and Business Administration major Connor Darrow was helping a relative downsize while in the process of having an estate sale. Wanting to quickly liquidate the furniture, he offered to deliver items to customers for the estate sale company with his family pick-up truck. “The estate sale companies told us that many customers lack the proper vehicle and man-power … [Read more...]

Patterson Plans to Raise the Bar with Innovative Management in Oakland County with VIDEO

County Executive L. Brooks Patterson says that Oakland County's best accomplishments are yet to come. During his annual State of the County address before an audience of more than 600 guests at the Auburn Hills Marriot Pontiac at Centerpoint, he spotlighted several high-tech connections moving into the county. Patterson was introduced my the Brooke Wilson Vitale, the owner of specialty bakeries in Royal Oak and Birmingham, who was selected by a public online vote as the winner of the … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Is Uber Safe?

Dear Crabby, More and more people seem to be using the car service Uber, but I’m just not sure. What are the driver’s qualifications and more importantly, is it safe? Thanks, Thomas Tentative Dear Mr. Tentative, When I first read your question, I thought you were asking if ‘________’ was ‘uber safe.’ I was confused there for a bit until my grandson pointed out what you were really asking while laughing at my expense. So thanks for that. OK. Back to your question. I have never used … [Read more...]