Vacation Bible School

Doesn’t it feel like we went straight from winter right into summer? I’m not one to complain about the heat but summer does bring about it’s own challenges like bugs, sunburn and splinters. Eww! It’s great having a break from school and homework, but summer can start to drag on once the novelty wears off. Never fear! In come various churches with their vacation Bible schools to save the day. Hooray! With themes varying from weird animals, super heroes and jungles your child will definitely be … [Read more...]

Make this summer ‘Rock’ at Vacation Bible School

I know it hasn't felt too much like summer lately, but school will be out for the summer very soon! What are you going to be doing with your kids to keep them busy without breaking the bank? Vacation Bible School (VBS) is a great option for fun and making new friends. It looks like "Kingdom Rock" is a really popular theme this summer! I'm kind of excited to check it out myself. I urge you to contact a church or visit their website to get more details, especially regarding the price. Three of … [Read more...]