Dear Crabby, Is There a ‘War on Christmas?’

Dear Crabby, With Christmas almost here and falling on a Sunday, I was wondering, do you think there is a war on Christmas in the United States? Thanks, Noel Natale Dear Ms. Natale, Boy. You’re a little pot stirrer, ain’t ya? Why couldn’t you ask something simple like, ‘Is there a Santa Claus?’ But since you asked for my opinion (careful what you wish for) the ‘war’ you’re talking about exists purely in the minds of those not getting their way. Now before folks get hot under the … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, Why Does Starbucks Hate Christmas?

Dear Crabby, Plain red coffee cups this year, it must mean that Starbucks hates Christmas, right? Sincerely, Kara T. Coffee   Dear Kara, You must be upset at Starbucks for producing a plain red coffee cup this year during the holiday season. Many Christians have been outraged that Starbucks didn't do a fancy paper cup, but instead brewed up a simple design, well, no design at all really, just the color red. In past years, the coffee mogul has used Christmas tree ornaments, bows, … [Read more...]