Dear Crabby, Do I Need to be Worried about the Coronavirus?

Dear Crabby, When news about the coronavirus first broke, I really didn’t pay that much attention. Now, it seems like I’m hearing about it daily and it sounds like the situation is becoming more dire. How worried should I be? Thanks! M. Typhoid Dear M. Typhoid, How worried should you be? That seems to be the million-dollar question these days. It’s not like these viruses and the panic they cause is anything new. There are a few ‘big’ ones that I can remember. First, there was SARS … [Read more...]

Getting at the “Real Cause” of Blood Pressure

By Eric B. Herfert, DC Normally Joe wouldn’t drive on such a winding road at night, especially in the middle of a torrential rainstorm. But this shortcut would avoid a lot of traffic, and it would also save him 15 minutes in driving time. He should have just decided to cancel his appointment this night, but Joe had to get to this meeting with a client, or he could kiss his possible raise and promotion goodbye! Each turn of the road had a steep drop off on one side, and a wall of rocks, … [Read more...]