Dear Crabby, Where is the Best Place to See Michigan’s Beautiful Fall Colors?

Dear Crabby, Lately, the weather has been wacky. Are there still places where I can drive to see the leaves changing or have I missed my chance?Thanks!Greta GreeneryDear Greta Greenery, Good news - you’re in luck! Typically, toward the end of September is when the trees start to turn, but the warmer weather has delayed the process a bit. So, while there is still time to catch the color-changing happening around our beautiful state, I wouldn’t wait too long, though. Especially, if you plan … [Read more...]

Vintage Views Along the West Michigan Pike: From Sand Trails to US-31

Authors M. Christine Byron and Thomas R. Wilson take readers back in time with their 2011 Michigan Notable Book, Vintage Views Along the West Michigan Pike—From Sand Trails to US-31 on Tuesday, April 3, at 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the Rochester Hills Public Library. The historic West Michigan Pike, originally M-11, was the first continuous, improved road between Michigan City and Mackinaw City. This route along the Lake Michigan coast opened West Michigan to automobile travel and tourism. The book … [Read more...]