Dear Crabby, Where Can I Find Out About Events Around Town?

Dear Crabby, Is there an event calendar anywhere that lists all the events happening in the Rochester/Rochester Hills, Michigan community? Of course, it probably won’t have everything, but as many as possible? Thanks! Arlene B. Dear Arlene, Well, we certainly live in a great area where there never seems to be a shortage of things to do. And there’s nothing worse than FOMO. That’s cool kids slang which means, ‘Fear of Missing Out.’ My grandkids once asked me how we found out about … [Read more...]

Dear Crabby, What Sort of Advice do You Give?

Dear Crabby, I've Heard through the Rochester Grapevine that You give Advice, What Sort of Advice do You Give? Thanks, Mr. Curious Dear Mr. Curious, Today, I give all kinds of advice to all kinds of people - mostly to those who never asked for it - however, once per week I take a question from someone like you. My answers will change your life ... sometimes I'm told, for the better. Here at Rochester Media my minions, um, I mean co-workers riffle through stacks (I imagine) to find the … [Read more...]