Flexible pregnancy: Prenatal yoga comes to Yoga Planet Studio in Rochester Hills

Breathing and stretching have been shown to alleviate haywire moods, i.e. from stress, so it’s no surprise that yoga during pregnancy can have its not-so-hidden benefits. For the first time, Yoga Planet Studio in Rochester Hills will expand its schedule exclusively for expecting women in the area this week. The program combines succinct breathing with gentle poses and offers a sense of community to elevate the pregnancy experience for mothers-to-be. And the woman in charge is a bit of a … [Read more...]

Posing like a pro: Best yoga moves for your summer body

Since roughly 75 percent of the yoga population is female, local instructor Elizabeth Crenshaw of Yoga Planet Studio in Rochester shares three postures you can do to feel more confident on the beach. Crenshaw has been teaching yoga for more than six years and says these poses will tone your abdominal muscles, chest, arms, legs and your gluteus maximus (or your butt!). http://youtu.be/0lvfC7Soehg Forearm … [Read more...]