Flexible pregnancy: Prenatal yoga comes to Yoga Planet Studio in Rochester Hills

Breathing and stretching have been shown to alleviate haywire moods, i.e. from stress, so it’s no surprise that yoga during pregnancy can have its not-so-hidden benefits. For the first time, Yoga Planet Studio in Rochester Hills will expand its schedule exclusively for expecting women in the area this week. The program combines succinct breathing with gentle poses and offers a sense of community to elevate the pregnancy experience for mothers-to-be. And the woman in charge is a bit of a … [Read more...]

Yoga Planet Studio welcomes award-winning writer to share on meditation this holiday season

This Friday, Dec. 13 see Douglas Veenhof at Yoga Planet Studio at 7:30 p.m. An award-winning journalist, author and yoga student, Veenhoff will host a free book signing event Friday for his new book, "White Lama," which is a biography of a Tibet explorer. He will put his message into practice on Sat. and Sun. as he holds a meditation workshop targeting stress during the holidays and winter season. Here is the event information you need to know: Book Signing & Discussion … [Read more...]

How to show more gratitude in your life

Salvation Army bells chime, canned produce piles glisten and a stronger sense of community swells. It’s a time of year when more of us tend to show how thankful we truly are for those in our lives and extend the compassion to our community and beyond. But being grateful and showing appreciation can be part of each day, not a practice saved for the holiday season. This week, two local experts share just how important it is for our health to maintain a level of gratitude. With a few … [Read more...]

A balancing act: Insider tips for mastering paddleboard yoga

Paddleboard yoga might seem like a true test of balance and one saved for the professionals, but instructor Josh Rea says even novice yogis enjoy the floating workshop. And this summer, Yoga Planet Studio took Rochester residents from the mat to the water as the studio hosted their first paddleboard yoga session at Stony Creek Metro Park in July. “It was successful,” said Bobby Maldonado, owner of Yoga Planet Studio. “Any time we can offer interesting ways for people to practice yoga, … [Read more...]