Taking your fitness outdoors this winter, in a fun way

With holiday tunes encapsulating our every commute, it’s safe to say we are in the swing of winter. And about this time of year, even some fitness buffs stray from the regular workout routine—pre New Years resolutions, of course.

So this week, we have gathered a few fun ideas for embracing the wintry months ahead with a little fitness outdoors.

IMG_8204Take a winter stroll or run:

Winter walks and runs—especially with a furry companion for company—are a great way to change up your gym-ridden or non-existent fitness routine. And it’s an easy practice to couple with weight training or alternating between your Zumba and yoga days.

Several spots around town like the Paint Creek Trail or the Clinton River Trail host a great outdoor escape from city life. But even venturing into a different subdivision will do the trick.

Picture 15Sign up for upcoming races in town to boost motivation: Here are some local races to be found in 2014 that you might be interested in.—If you’re a runner (even if you’re not), races are a great way to set goals and boost motivation tenfold.

Frozen Watters



Brooksie Chill




You can also visit here for more details.

Some walking and running accessories to make the transition to winter fitness outside a bit easier: Wary of going for an evening walk or run outside due to the threat of slippery ice? Check out traction cleats, like those found at www.yaktrax.com. They are a cheap alternative to buying special winter jogging shoes. Share your review of winter gear like Yaktrax with us!

indexJoin fitness meet-ups around town: Use groups like Adventure Quest to join organized fitness meet-ups in and near Rochester and Rochester Hills this winter. There is even an evening hike scheduled for this Friday, Dec. 13 t 7 p.m. in Bloomer Park to get you started this week! Learn more here.



Atlas_snowshoesLace up those snowshoes: An alternative to wearing regular tennis shoes or even those strapped with traction cleats is to test out snowshoes. Word on the street is snowshoes provide a different workout so you’ll work different muscles than you normally do walking on the treadmill. Like walking or running, Rochester and Rochester Hills have a couple great trails to choose from to get the back country adventure mid-week, without the travel.

Are you a fer vent snowshoe fan? Tell us your favorite tips, products and spots to snow shoe!



sledding-girlYou are never too old to hit the sledding hill or toboggan run: Just thinking about the repetition of climbing your favorite sledding hill or steps to the toboggan run seems to burn calories! Wait until you actually break a sweat—You’ll be thrilled to be atop that hill. Plus, it’s always more fun working out when you feel like a kid again!

Where are your favorite sledding spots around town? Share them with us—we love a good adventure!

Even though the 2014 Winter Olympics are still 50-some days away (they start Feb. 7), no sense in waiting until then to enjoy the wintry outdoor adventures like an Olympian.

Olympic-RingsHere are a few winter sports that will have you feeling like an Olympian:

Ice-skating, ice hockey: While the Onyx Ice Arena is fun, try moving a pickup hockey game to a local pond for a boredom-breaking workout.

Cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and snowboarding, snowball fights


But some new versions of fun outdoors include the best games to play in the snow:

Yuki1Snow Capture the Flag





imageSnow flag football or soccer: Great ways to get a few neighbors in on the fun and take it back to simple childhood games. Although, we don’t suggest outdoor winter hide and seek. (For obvious reasons!)

Boys Life magazine shares a few more creative scrimmages to be carried out in the snow this winter. Check them out here.


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