Texting at the Movies, AMC Rethinking Cell Phone use at the Movies

The new CEO of AMC Theatres said asking Millennials to turn off the phone is like cutting off an arm. Social media blew up in response.

Cell Phones at the Movies

Cell Phones at the Movies

From the Oakland Township-Lake Orion Patch Website:

Hold the phone. Just when you thought it was safe to whip out your cellphone, a ban on texting during movies will stand at AMC Theatres nationwide, says its CEO, who was virtually flogged on social media this week for suggesting the change.

The theater chain’s new head, Adam Aron, said he was considering whether to allow texting and other mobile device use at some theaters in a bid to appease and boost younger audience patrons.

The most likely option he suggested was that a theater, or several, within an AMC Cineplex, would be designated as a venue where the glow of small cell-phone screens could compete with the light on the silver screen.

Aron’s suggestion was a flop with movie-goers.

What to you think Community Edge Readers?


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  1. Frankly, I think that the idea of AMC Theatres banning the use of cellphones, whether it be talking, texting or using as a flashlight, on a national level for people of all ages is an idea whose time has come. It’s high time that more movie theatres followed Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s ideas and not only implemented a national ban on the use of cell phones in the movie theatre for talking, texting, and using as flashlights, but also doing what Alamo Drafthouse theatres do: Kick persistant offenders out of the movie theatre(s) with no refund of their money. People pay good money to go and enjoy a movie, and the ones who insist on spoiling it for those who wish to enjoy the movie that they paid good money to come to the movie theatre(s) to see need to be kicked out and asked not to come back again.

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