The Goodness of Garbage Day

I love garbage day. Not only do I love being able to finally put the recyclables outside again, as we fill our can to capacity days before pick up, but I also love the unexpected treasure that could be lurking next to the true trash. You never know what you might find on your way out one morning, you just have to hope it fits in the back of your van, and that you are strong enough to lift it!

You won’t find me picking through cans or anything. I only stop for the obvious great find. I’ve scored some incredible things at the end of people’s driveways. We have a beautiful changing table, a kitchen table with three chairs, a great desk, and a boy’s Trek bike that all were in near new condition. One person’s trash truly can be another’s treasure.

In our slow economy, I find it so surprising that we don’t help each other out more naturally and more often. We would rather spend the money we don’t have, or struggle without something, rather than bravely ask if anyone can fill our need. In our society we figure we might as well pick up our own bootstraps and limp on our way.

In the same way, we often have just what someone else needs, but we underestimate how great sharing it could be. Instead of offering what we can give, we figure it’s easier to just throw the thing away, or think that no one really needs our help.

This week though, I was surprised to experience some great examples of generosity in our community. A man helped carry my groceries to the car as I struggled out of the store. Three patients allowed my restless son to go into an appointment ahead of them because they knew he was having a hard time waiting. A former neighbor offered food that they knew they would never finish. A friend gladly swapped a baby toy for that great Trek bike that we didn’t need. What an unexpected honor it was each time to be able to either be helped, or to be the one helping.

I often feel like I don’t have enough to give, because there are so many needs that are beyond what I can offer. This week though inspired me to not be discouraged by what I can’t give, or what I don’t have. I will intentionally reach out and give in little ways that I can, even if it’s just a listening ear to a friend. I won’t be afraid to ask for help as either, because I know firsthand the joy that giving brings.

Garbage day is a noisy day in the neighborhood. Allow the clatter this week to remind us that we have a lot to give, and to humbly be bold enough to receive. We can change our day, brighten someone else’s, and make this world just a little more generous by what we do.

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