The Holiday Hangover Cure

It’s December 26th, and there’s a good chance you woke up with a hangover. Not literally (well, maybe some of you), but you likely just spent the at least 24 hours overindulging in holiday spirits. The giving, the treats and the gatherings can be very intoxicating. The electricity of the season envelops us in a way no other time of the year does, but to our dismay, it’s over in a blink. Even if you still have gifts to give or a gathering to attend, Christmas 2013 has officially concluded.

Heidi MorrisIt’s strange how just a few hours can change your perspective. The centerpiece of the season, the tree that is occupying your living room, already seems to glimmer less and look a little stale. Those pretty patterns on wrapping paper now resemble packing peanuts in the recycle bin, Christmas songs don’t pack their punch and the elf awkwardly lacks any purpose. The time to pull out the Rubbermaid tubs is already here, and it’s time to vacuum up the last annoying needles.

All kidding aside, the truth is that many of us will be a bit down the next few days. Unfortunately, the joy of the festivities often opens us up for inevitable disappointment. We may have not had our expectations fulfilled, or maybe it was so great we are sad to see it end. There are so many reasons to feel discouraged about Christmas being over. Maybe you love to see your family, you live to see the joy on your children’s face, or maybe you just enjoy new stuff. Maybe it’s all that and more.

This is your chance to push back against the temptation of the post-holiday blues and transform your depression into determination. If we carry the spirit of the season by adopting a lifestyle of generosity for the next 12 months, the delight of the holidays can abundantly fill the rest of the year. This time, skip resolutions, and resolve instead to bring the light and joy of Christmas to every day.

Break in a new calendar and host some get-togethers with friends and family to look forward to. Arrange a new “date” schedule with your kids, to have some fun and give them the best gift of all, your undivided attention. Surprise someone you know with an unexpected pay-it-forward style present. You will find a jump in your soul from knowing it blessed them greatly. Attend church services and performance arts year round, and enjoy the magic of live productions if you normally don’t. Whatever it is you miss about the holidays, find a way to bring it regularly to the mundane.

There’s a choice we all must make on December 26th. We can choose to stay a little sick, to be bitter and angry that the holidays are over and we may have unmet expectations. Or we can sober up today. We can pour ourselves a hot cup of coffee and wake up our minds to the possibility ahead. Let’s not let the Christmas spirit die just one day later. Growing a white beard and a belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly isn’t the only way to be jolly 365 days a year. Share the love of the light of Christmas beyond December and be a little joy to the world year round.

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