The Michigan Settlers Who Came from New York

The Burned-Over District: Revival, Reform and the Migration to Michigan, 1820-1850

Michigan settlers during the territorial and early statehood period in the early and mid-1800s came from western New York. Learn about them at the event on Tuesday, February 13, at 7:00 p.m. at the Rochester Hills Public Library.

Illustration showing dozens of people engaged in social and political reform

Second Great Awakening

During this period, many considered western New York the Burned-Over District. This area was the epicenter for both the religious revival known as the Second Great Awakening along with social and political reform. These movements changed the course of history into the following centuries.

“Many of the local families who have been in Michigan for years know that this period left a mark on their ancestors,” says History Teacher Jim Craft, “So many people can trace back 5 generations and their 3rd great grandparent was living this.”

Known as the “history buff”, Craft is a historian with an extensive background. Holding both his Bachelors and his Masters, Craft taught history for 13 years and currently serves on the Oakland County Historical Commission.

“The Rochester Hills Public Library is excited to have Jim Craft share this interesting history,” says Community Relations Specialist Amanda Harrison Keighley, “We hope patrons learn a little bit more about their family’s past at this event.”

Registration is available online for this event at Sign up in advance as space will be limited.

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