The Oakland County Board of Commissioners Seeks Citizens to serve on the Friend of the Court Advisory Committee

The Oakland County Board of Commissioners is seeking interested citizens to volunteer to serve the community through appointment to the Friend of the Court Citizen Advisory Committee (FOC/CAC).

The FOC/CAC’s purpose is to advise the Court and the Board of Commissioners regarding the Friend of the Court’s duties and performances, and to review certain grievances limited to office operation and gender bias. The FOC/CAC is advisory only; it does not have any power or authority over Friend of the Court operations. The Committee cannot intervene in individual cases.

The following position must be filled:                                           Date deadlines for each:

A current-custodial parent                                                  Friday, April 11, 2014

A current non-custodial parent                                         Friday, April 11, 2014

Two General Public members                                           Friday, April 11, 2014

A county resident may apply to serve on the FOC/CAC by completing an application form. Forms may be requested from the Oakland County Board of Commissioners office at: 248-858-0101 or go online at Click on the Friend of the Court link in the Apply for Boards, Commissions and Committees section.

Completed application forms are to be returned by the deadline date identified above to:

Oakland County Board of Commissioners

1200 N. Telegraph Road, Dept. 470

Pontiac, Michigan 48341


Fax to 248-858-1572

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