The “Pinnacle” breaks ground with fanfare in Oakland Township

Hold onto your hardhats, because the most extraordinary spectacle in home construction has just begun in Oakland Township.

Pinnacle 1

On November 6, 2013, the groundbreaking of “The Ultimate Homearama at Pinnacle” commenced with a ceremony as grand as the homes it boasts to build. Despite a steady rain, the acclaimed patriarchs in luxury construction were proudly ready to celebrate with silver shovels in hand. The inspiring event, complete with catering, a shuttle trolley, and a bevy of encouraging words from Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson amongst others, was the mark of revival not only for our area, but for the housing market as a whole.

The new showcase site, aptly named “Pinnacle”, is located just east of Adams road on Silverbell. Pinnacle 2There is significance to the developers choosing that specific name, which represents making it to the top, or to a peak. Ascending to such a height they add, means that you must climb out of the trenches first, as they proudly feel the housing market finally has. After a 10-year hiatus, this will be the first Homearama our area has been host to, and the masterminds behind this auspicious project are confident you won’t be disappointed. Digging into the ground again is a strong indicator that our community is once again ready to dream.

Though “Pinnacle” itself marks the most illustrious type of home ownership, builders are quick to admit that they still desire to meet the needs of the average homeowner. They regrettably acknowledge the shortage of affordable housing in Oakland Township; yet they encourage local residents to view this Homearama positively, as a beacon for the resurgence of growth in home construction. Their desire is for these glorious showcase homes, which will grace the rolling hills bordering Wyngate and Westwynd golf courses, to be an inspiration to those around our area to be optimistic again.

Pinnacle 5Six to eight unparalleled homes will be carefully crafted over the next nine months, with developer Dominic J. Moceri watching over it all. His team, along with three other fine builders is planning to design models that allow visitors to immerse themselves in a luxury home fantasy. Cranbrook Homes, led by Sebastian Lombardo, MJC Companies, led by Michael A. Chirco, and Arteva homes, led by Brian Szliter and Vito Terracciano will also each be contributing models to this incredible showcase, which will feature homes well over the $1 million dollar price range. The models are slated to be ready to be viewed by awe-filled eyes beginning on August 27, 2014.

If you would like a sneak peek at the excitement to come, and for more information regarding “The Ultimate Homearama at Pinnacle,” please visit


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