The Rochester Elevator is Coming Down

The rumors of the Rochester Elevator, back in 2015, are coming true. Established in 1880 by Charles and Albert Griggs, two brothers, the Elevator was the oldest business in Rochester. It closed April 1, 2023 for good. In 2016, it was suggested that the property would be renovated into condominiums.

The Rochester Elevator Location May Soon Be Condos - photo by Michael Dwyer
The Rochester Elevator, as it looked in April 2015 – photo by Michael Dwyer

Many social media posts and rally calls to save the building have been around for years, but the recking ball and demolition teams are now on site. Moceri Elevate LLC and Frank Rewold & Sons are teaming up, as they are currently under contract together to build a new development on the property.

The Rochester Elevator in May 2023 Begins to Come Down – photo by Michael Dwyer

While most of the building is set to come down, there are plans to save and repurpose the north-facing wall, the iconic side most affiliate with the structure. It will be incorporated into something for the community and the back half of the property will be for a mixed-use development.

The Rochester Elevator in May 2023 Begins to Come Down – photo by Michael Dwyer

While it appears the most recognizable part the Rochester Elevator will be saved, the rest of it, including the actual historic portion, will be demolished.

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  1. Lynn LaMotte says

    This is so sad. My grandpa worked on the railroad that ran nearby. This has always been a landmark in Rochester. What are the school children going to visit for history now?

    • Rochester Hills Museum and Stoney Creek Village are a good place to take children to learn about the history of the area.

  2. David A. Phillips says

    Progress, So this is how we Advance – Tearing Down the Oldest Business in the Greater Rochester Area. Very Disappointed – Especially for Condominiums ? Seriously…My Family Supported this Business for 55 Years, Getting Various Products – From Propane, Fertilizer, Water Softener Salt, Carhart Coats and Hay and Straw. Mr. Lawrence Smith and His Sons, Will Be Missed (Friendly Service and Smiles)…Thank You For Your Service… This is NOT Progress – Local Developers/ Rochester City Council – Destroying Historical Landmarks… Oakland Township Resident and Oakland Township Historic District – Chairperson – David A. Phillips…

  3. oh well, was an eyesore

  4. It doesn’t seem like historic properties make any difference at all in Rochester anymore. My grandparents 100+ year old house on 3rd street was just bulldozed to the ground last summer and a new mini Mc mansion is being built.

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