The Top 10 Reasons I Tolerate Winter

That title sure starts us off on a cheery route, doesn’t it? It’s been a rough winter. The crazy low temperatures, huge amounts of snow, and cancelled school have caused so many problems for everyone. It takes twice as long for us to leave the house, which means we’re twice as late as we normally are. Putting a snowsuit on the baby is like putting pantyhose on an octopus. Plus, my snow blower broke two snows ago. Complaining about this winter just isn’t an option for me. My attitude effects my children’s attitude so I’ve got to have a good one or it’s like shooting myself in the foot. Here are a few reason why have chosen I tolerate winter.

1. A Lower Grocery Bill

How can I fit food in my cart when it’s half-filled with coats, hats, scarves and mittens? I have to really think about my purchases to make sure the necessary items can fit in my cart. There’s no room for extras, resulting in a lower grocery bill.

2. Run More Errands In a Row

I can run more errands in a row because I don’t have to worry about the milk going bad. It stays nice and cold in the car. When it’s warmer outside I always have to take the groceries straight home and it’s just extra work and wasted gas. If you don’t think that’s exciting then clearly you’ve never tried to put Octopus Baby in her car seat.

3. Outdoor Freezer Space

I love freezing leftover food. The best way is to put a portion in a freezer bag then lay it flat to freeze. The flat freezing creates better organization in my freezer since I can neatly stack the bags. However, I don’t always have the ability to do this because of space restrictions. I’ve been putting the food in a cooler, then putting it on my back porch. The cooler keeps the squirrels and raccoons out and the food is ready for the freezer the next morning. My son likes to fill old milk cartons with water and place outside as well. Once frozen, we peel the paper off and he can play with giant chunks of ice. These ice balls are pretty cool too!

4. Icicles

I love icicles. They are just so pretty to look at!

Photo credit: Emilee Patrishkoff of Blue Earth Photography

Photo credit: Emilee Patrishkoff of Blue Earth Photography

5. Great Pictures

I took this picture of my daughter’s first snow. You could write anything in the snow or IMG_5375recreate some of these fun pictures but use colored water instead of chalk!

6. Declutter Time

Being stuck indoors due to the cold temperatures has really forced me to see all the clutter in my house. Plus, now I have the time to get rid of all the clutter since we really can’t leave anyway. I love this printable from Milk & Cuddles to help organize my decluttering plan and make some good headway.

7. Online Shopping

I’ve discovered some great online shopping sites since we’ve been less likely to leave the house. I’ve gotten some great gifts off of Etsy, Jane, Sevenly and Brika.

photo 28. Warm Drinks

I’ve been enjoying a little more coffee than usual to warm me up. I suggest the Snickerdoodle Latte from Bean & Leaf and the Caramel Latte from Sanders. So yummy!

9. Perfected Recipes

Here are a few recipes I’ve been loving this winter. It’s just been so much easier to eat dinner in than to suit everybody up and trudge out through the snow and ice.

Granola Bars

Chocolate Chip Cookies These are wonderful to freeze. I make a batch, roll them into balls, flash freeze then throw into a freezer bag. Take out what you want to bake about an hour ahead of time and then bake as normal. That way you won’t overindulge.

Salmon BLT Sliders  Don’t skip the chipotle mayo. I could eat it with a spoon it’s so good!

Coconut Crunch Chicken Strips

10. Reading List

I love to read and all this cold weather has really forced me to read even more since there’s Booksnot a lot else to do. I picked up a copy of The Help from The Downtown Booksellers just last week. Talk about a cozy place to escape to with your latte!

Don’t worry, winter will be over. Just like every other low spot we face in life, it will soon end. Sometimes these unpleasant seasons last longer in our life than we’d prefer, just like this winter, but happiness and sunshine will soon appear. Shift your focus on the good: neighbors clearing off one another’s sidewalks, snow ice cream, good books, your kids in footie pajamas, hot chocolate and snowball fights.

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips it’s turn. ~Hal Borland

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