Time for a Tea Party!

Don’t worry; I haven’t gone political on you.  I’m actually suggesting we celebrate those dried-out fragments that compose an understatedly powerful hydrating addition to your day. If you aren’t already steeping tea daily, you should be, and the reasons are encouraging and enlightening.

In America today, we are just beginning to get our wake-up call on the way our food industry has changed, and the impact on our wellbeing that it has had.  A considerable factor of that is in what we drink.  High-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavors, and loads of sweeteners have taken over everything from your morning coffee to the juice boxes in our kid’s lunches.  The results of these additives have been reflected in the numerous health issues exploding over the past decade.

Tea has gone under the radar for too long. Many Americans only know it as one of the options for the $1 supersize drink that comes from a drive-thru window, or something that the Brits admire.  But tea is not only a satisfying drink, hot or cold, but also it is mighty in antioxidants, and will help you shed unwanted pounds just by adding it to your diet. 

If you have never looked in your local grocery store though, you may be surprised at all the different tea options you have.   There are an overwhelming variety, but I suggest if you are only going to add one type of tea to your diet, go for green.  It has been studied to that by drinking 3-5 cups of unsweetened green tea a day, even if you didn’t change how you ate, you would lose weight. 

Before you drop that tea bag into the cup though, consider maximizing the power of that little packet by brewing it in an entire teapot.  If you have a teapot that can be heated on the stove, go ahead and place the bag right in once the water has boiled. You’ll be getting more “bang for your buck”, and if you don’t finish it, put the rest in a pitcher to be used later for iced tea for an easy way to enjoy it again.  Some of the fruity teas even taste so good, you can probably fool your kids into thinking it’s Kool-Aid!

The benefit of replacing many of the beverages Americans drink with freshly brewed tea is quickly noticeable to those who try it.  Tea is clearly making a come back, and you don’t have to even change your political status to be a part of this delicious party!

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