Time to Learn to Blog

Pounding out Your thoughts on the Keyboard

People have been blogging for a while now. Originally, it was an online diary or journal that you could set for private, allow family and friends to read, or make public for the whole world to view. Options for readers to comment made it interactive. Photos and video are now commonplace on blogs giving your online journal a personality and reflective tone.

Many websites use a blog-based format too, such as this one from Rochester Media that you are currently reading. Blogging delivers fresh content on a schedule the writer (or blogger) desires. Businesses use blogs to keep their customers informed and updated. But what is even more fun? Blogs are now businesses themselves.

Voice your opinion, share your hobby, or travel the world. Blogging opens doors, shows your work, and adds credibility to your interest. Most bloggers do not make money to start with. A blog needs to grow, mature, and be highly read for that to happen.

Where to Start

Two companies dominate the blog world: Blogger and Word Press. Either one will get you going. Blogger is a little easier to learn and Word Press has more options; both are free, all you need is an email account.

You can play around with your new blog, customize it, and then slowly release it to the world. Once you’re up and running set a schedule to post your latest thought. You may post once per day, or once per week. But all the experts suggest you do it consistently.

Own your Topic

Pick a topic that you know and that you enjoy. Don’t be afraid to have a narrow focus on the subject. Say you like horses; a blog on horses is too broad. A blog on equestrian trail-riding in Michigan is more of a niche. This allows you be become an expert on one topic. You might become the “go to” source when others need that information.

Learn More through Professional Development

There are several ways to learn more about blogging. Start by searching online for more tips and tricks. Attend a workshop or writers conference. Follow other like-minded blogs – signup for their newsletter.

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Michael Dwyer is a freelance writer and travel columnist. Michael writes about happenings in the Rochester area, travels across Michigan and destinations around the world. Contact him at Michael@RochesterMedia.com

About Michael Dwyer

Michael Dwyer is a freelance content provider. Michael writes about happenings in the Rochester area, travels across Michigan and destinations around the world. Contact him at michael@rochestermedia.com.

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