Tienken-Livernois Intersection Getting Closer to Completion

In their weekly email update, the Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) estimates that if temperatures rise enough to complete the paving process, then the Tienken-Livernois intersection should be open around Wednesday, November 26. No word on an opening date should temperatures stay on the lower side.

The second phase of this project – from Rochester Road to the Paint Creek Trail – will take place in 2015.

Additionally, as holiday shopping ramps up around Great Lakes Crossing, be advised that while the RCOC has completed the reconstruction of Baldwin Road from south of I-75 to Brown Road in Auburn Hills and Orion Township, there may be occasional intermittent outside lane closures as guardrail installation is completed.

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  1. Ron monache says

    I cannot adequately express my total and complete annoyance with the entire process. While I have never constructed a road in my lifetime, I would think that those people hired to build it and those charged with it’s successful conclusion should have a modicum of “how to”. Once again, elected officials and city officials appear to have put their citizens way back to the end of the line

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