‘Tis the season… for head lice?

Today, I got the dreaded call from my daughter’s school, “Your daughter has lice.”

You’ve got to be kidding me!

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With hats, coats and snow pants being crammed into cubbies, it’s no wonder that lice goes around this time of year. Just the mention of the word makes my scalp itch!

I quickly rushed my special needs son, whom I just started home schooling, and my 10-week old son in the car. After a lengthy examination by her fearless teacher, it turned out not to be the dreaded hair bugs after all. Whew! Just her lingering cradle cap that I’ve never successfully cured her of. So, after sweeping her gorgeous locks into a tight ballerina bun, I sent her happily back to class.

So often I just want to say, “Why me?” when things like this happen. But as moms, these are the kinds of opportunities we have to teach our kids how to deal gracefully with less than pleasant situations that inevitably come our way. Certainly dealing with lice is one of those “free pass” situations where getting upset in my opinion is totally acceptable. Like we tell our kids though, crying or complaining doesn’t make anything better.

With cold and flu season upon us, winter weather that makes us late, family gatherings that go awry, and last-minute shopping, this truly is a season packed with chances to let the external circumstances get the best of your internal composure. What a great gift it would be these next few weeks, to extend to your children the present of “holding it all together.” I hope someday my kids look back and remember, that mom really should have lost it all the time, but she didn’t!

When the challenges come that ruin your plans, take a deep breath, keep your mouth shut, and look at the sweet faces of your kids and just let it go. You’ll be so glad you did.

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