Fun science experiments for kids to do this summer

Goodbye school year; hello summer scientists!

Slap on those safety goggles and adjust the lighting on your microscope because as school wraps up for Rochester and Rochester Hills this week, we have scoured the web in search of the best Albert Einstein-esque activities to offer you this summer vacation.

Here is a roundup of our favorite science experiments sure to stimulate young minds during the hot months ahead. (And need not worry, parents, these are fun for you, too!)

Don’t be shy to engage your inner mad scientist and tell us what you think! Share your ideas and favorite lab-related adventure with us!

Your beaker and hypothesis journal await!

Updated: A Rochester schools science teacher also recommends the site for enthralling experiments. He suggests trying the Fantastic Foamy Fountain, if you haven’t already!

But find more experiments in our slideshow below.