Tying The Knot Pretzels at the Village of Rochester Hills

 Tying The Knot Pretzels is now open at the Village of Rochester Hills

Stop in and welcome the Village’s newest eatery. Check out a variety of pretzel knots, stuffers, pretzelwiches, daily specials and more!

Website here.

Our Pretzel Pledge

(We recite this every morning before we open, right hand on our hearts)

We pledge our Company will use only the finest, organic and all natural ingredients, free of preservatives, added colors, flavors or artificial sweeteners in all of our products we bake and serve to you, our pretzel loving public.

We will decrease Our environmental impact through the use of post consumer recycled packaging and/or compostable materials when available and the use of earth friendly, non toxic cleaners

We will use and promote the use of locally grown, pesticide free produce and dairy when available

We will keep Our stores clean and sanitary at all times and provide a safe and comfortable environment for our growing family of pffs

We will serve the best tasting, best looking, fun to order, fun to enjoy pretzels with every order served by the best staff of pffs ever assembled

We will always provide complete satisfaction, if you are ever unhappy with any part of your experience for any reason please let us know and we will make it right!

(248) 375-8899

email tyingtheknot@att.net

follow us on twitter.com/theknotters

for specials and such

Ask us about catering your next

birthday party or any type of event, we can send Maldy with enough pretzels and stuff to keep everyone happy and full.

We also bake for fund raising groups, we bake, you bask in the glory and dough raised for your folks

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