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Vermont, Anyone?

What do you think of when you think about the state of Vermont? Do you think of teddy bears, covered bridges, or maple sugar? Well, that is what I thought of before my journey to the small state squeezed in between New York and New Hampshire. Sure, they make those teddy bears for every occasion, covered bridges are numerous and only the best maple sugar comes from Vermont. However, I found much more in this mountainous, green region in the Northeast – I found Vermonters and the passion they have for their state.

Vermonters will tell you what generation they are; they are easy going, life-loving people that are very proud of their state. I was surprised at how friendly they were to me and how eager they were to answer my questions to help make my visit pleasurable.

Two kayaks with one paddler each in a calm river with lots of brush and trees along the shore

Paddling the Lamoille River

No Signs but Lots of Fun

I divided my stay between the Stowe area and the Mad River Valley of Vermont. Outdoor adventure is around every corner for every season. Hiking, biking, canoeing, and ballooning are very popular in the summer. I traded the canoe for a kayak and joined a group of Type A personalities to paddle the Lamoille River for two hours to the Boyden Valley Winery. Wine tasting with snacks was a nice way to wind down from the action of the river.

The state of Vermont is against signs – what a nice treat that is. You do not realize how many ugly billboards there are until you visit a place without them. Business owners have a hard time letting you know where they are without the use of signs, so get directions and use a map. However, you will enjoy the landscape much more without the obstruction of advertisements.

Crushed ice in a paper bowl served with hot maple syrup

Sugar on Snow

All About Local Products

One of the best things about Vermont was all of the local products. Very near and dear to me was the availability to find handcrafted, locally brewed beer. Other places around the country may only carry one local beer, if any. Outstandingly, and to my amazement, most bars and restaurants had several local brews. I stayed at the Stoweflake Resort and I was able to work my way through all nine varieties of the local ale on-tap (and some twice). For you wine drinkers out there, the local wines were very nice as well.

If you are the kind of person that enjoys making breakfast everyday, then I have a couple of suggestions for you. First, pick-up a package of Vermont Morning Cereal. Founded by Patricia and Peter Floy and now owned by Cathy Bacon of Hillside Lane Farms, it is absolutely the best hot cereal mix I have ever had; it’s delicious and an all organic way to start the day. Second, cruise through the capital city of Montpelier and visit The Morse Farm Maple Sugarworks. Burr Morse continues the eight-generation tradition of maple sugaring. Call ahead and tell them you will be stopping to try “Sugar on snow.” This special treat, hot maple syrup on a bed of crushed ice, is served with a doughnut, dill pickle, and coffee. You will learn that only 100% pure maple syrup is the best way to go. It is a wonderful topping on waffles and pancakes; or to sweeten Vermont Morning hot cereal.

Patricia and Peter Floy

Patricia and Peter Floy

One Visit Entices Another

I can only imagine the fall foliage views at this time of year and I really must return in the winter to try all the ski hills I saw resting for the summer. Vermont surprised me and recharged my spirit. Visit the state for the Vermonters, their passion, and all Vermont has to offer.

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