Volunteers Continue to Transform Oakland County Roads

The Road Commission for Oakland County (RCOC) recognizes 250 groups and organizations who volunteer to help clean litter and debris along roadsides in Oakland County through the Adopt-A-Road program. Earlier this week, the RCOC Board of Commissioners approved new Adopt-A-Road applications for another 6.5 miles of roads being adopted by three new groups.

Through the program, organized groups volunteer to clean specific road segments two or three times during the year: in the spring, summer and fall. RCOC provides training and equipment and then picks up the bagged garbage collected.

“We applaud the efforts of these concerned citizens who are willing to volunteer their time and energy to help make sure the roads in their communities are clean,” stated RCOC Chairman Ron Fowkes. “We appreciate their efforts, as this program greatly helps to augment RCOC efforts to keep our roadways and gateways to communities free of litter.”

Many of the nearly 250 groups have been involved in the program for years. They include scout troops, businesses, school and religious groups, fraternal organizations and more. Road segments in nearly all Oakland County communities are included in the program.

Each year, the groups clean along more than 460 miles of county roads. Topping the list of picked up items are: fast food debris, cigarette butts and empty water bottles.

Groups that volunteer as part of the RCOC Adopt-A-Road program receive garbage bags, orange safety vests and safety training from the Road Commission. Additionally, RCOC erects Adopt-A-Road signs at both ends of the designated road sections recognizing the volunteer groups responsible for the sections. Road segments are approved by RCOC.

Any group interested in adopting a paved county road section should call the RCOC Permits Division at 248-858-4891 or send an email to: adoptaroad@rcoc.org. Additional information on the RCOC Adopt-A-Road program can be found at: www.RCOCWeb.org/Permits/Adopt_A_Road.aspx. The website also has a map of roads that are currently available for adoption.

Participating groups are reminded to call the RCOC Permits Division to arrange pickup of litter bags after the cleanup. Additionally, RCOC relies on the groups to call to ensure the contact information for each is current. Groups needing additional garbage bags or orange vests can also request them by calling the Permits Division.

Fall cleanup dates for groups are September 26 through October 4.  The 2016 spring, summer and fall cleanup days will be announced at a later date.

Motorists can help the effort too by slowing down when volunteers are seen picking up trash along roadways and help the RCOC remind others not to litter.

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