Vote on Cars, the New Way to Shop for a Car, with VIDEO

There is a new way to shop for the right car. Vote on Cars is the creation of Rochester Hills resident, Matt Klein. Matt, his family and his friends combined their talents and time to design this peer-to-peer review website to match the buyer to the car.

Shoppers want honest and authentic reviews of several cars. Instead of flipping through dozens of car magazines to see only a few like models reviewed, buyers now have the option to see people just like them, with their budget, test driving and reviewing the car that is right for them.

Vote on Cars focuses on vehicles under $20,000 with real reviews, by real people, on a real budget. Vote on Cars uses their own system of matching the buyer with the car. Visitors to the website can quickly find their personal five-digit code by selecting their specific needs, wants and style. It only takes 20 seconds to get a CarMatch Code.

The code reflects the top three things a person wants in a car, such as design, hauling, technology, safety, fun-to-drive and MPG. Then personal style and the number of passengers go into the calculation. Once a CarMatch code is set, the system will generate video reviews that match or are similar to the generated code.

With nearly 40 videos done, the team at Vote on Cars is racing to reach 200 this year. This goal will feature review videos on Chevrolet, Toyota, Scion, Volkswagen, Ford, Honda, Hyundai and Kia. While the reviews are honest and authentic, they also include style of entertainment giving them an insightful yet quirky nature.

“Using an automotive publication to find your next car is like using the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition to find your next mate,” said Klein, “it just isn’t that relevant to the decision-making process of most people.”

Matt Klein is the creator of Vote on Cars. His wife Carrie, who serves as photographer, his son Noah, who helps edit the video, and his daughter Grace, who acts as production assistant, assist him in the production. Nathan Wood, family friend, is the main videographer.

Candidates interested in becoming one the reviewers for Vote for Cars may send an email to See the reviews at

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  1. Mary Gibbons says

    I think personal evaluations like this one are very helpful to those looking for a car. Laura seemed honest and sincere, and if I were shopping for a car I would consider the Chevy Cruze.

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