Walking with Little Feet

When I’m with my kids, one of the most frequent comments I hear is, “Enjoy it now, they grow up so fast!” Time does seem to have a miraculous way of slipping by, and although statements like that can become easy to disregard, they are good reminders to take full advantage of the moments we have. Sometimes though, it seems we get so caught up in just making it through our day, we don’t know how to redeem the little opportunities we have to draw closer to our kids.

I often see parents walking with their kids, but they are steps or even whole yards ahead of their little ones. Maybe they are in a hurry, and urging their kids to not lag behind. I completely understand being pressed for time, because I too am often running late. Or, perhaps they have just been in a habit of walking ahead. Whatever the case, I encourage you to adjust your speed towards your destination so you can walk side-by-side with your kids. This simple change may make a big difference in going from survival mode to relishing the mundane to-and-from throughout your day.

Walking together allows time to talk with your kids. This is important at any age. Just a simple few steps next to each other can be the building blocks towards a stronger relationship and less stress with your child. For little ones, you can be preparing them for whatever situation lies ahead, or simply point out things along your path to notice together. Less meltdowns and learning new things to observe is always a good thing. For older kids, a few feet together may be enough to ask a question, or to engage in their day even if they are reserved. Many older kids will feel less wary of your agenda in a conversation simply heading somewhere, so they might be more likely to share a quick piece of their life or their heart.  Every little moment does add up and can be the opener to something more deep and meaningful.

The other aspect of walking together is that it can just plain be more fun. If you are in a hurry, try running with the little ones — or flying, or skipping. They will love it. Holding hands, if they will let you, is such a treasure. Try making up squeeze meanings, like three times means “I love you.” If you start it young, you’ll probably be able to silently carry those secret messages on through adulthood whenever you can sneak the chance. Try to even ask silly questions while walking, because laughter is the best medicine, and we all need a little bit more joy in our day. Even teenagers can wear down with a ridiculous little quip.

Walking together may seem like such an insignificant change to make, but if we start intentionally snapping up even the little moments with our kids, we may find ourselves more relaxed, growing closer to our kids, and teaching them too that life isn’t just about deadlines and schedules. It’s about sharing ourselves, speaking love, laughing in joy, and taking it all in.

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