Water Reservoirs in Rochester Hills

I believe the proposed water reservoirs will save our residents money. Residents and council members have raised some concerns about the locations but so far nothing has been determined. My goal in the site location process is to support feasible locations that will burden our residential neighborhoods the least. Because of the need to connect the reservoirs to existing water mains and the geographical elevation requirements there are not many locations to choose from. Over the past few months I’ve received a number of helpful suggestions from our residents. I’ve walked all of the proposed properties and I’ve identified what I believe are the best locations based on all of the known factors. The design study will help council narrow the selection process and move residents and businesses closer to receiving the monetary benefits that are expected after the construction.  Our water comes from Detroit Public Water and Sewer. The problem is that we pay a very high rate for the water that we use during peak hours. The general goal with water reservoirs is to pool that water into two reservoirs in off-peak periods and then pump it out during the peak periods. The process will save millions of dollars for Rochester Hills residents.