Webber thanks supporters for primary win

Dear Supporters,

By now you have probably seen the results from Tuesday night. Because of your help and support I was able to win the Republican primary and move on to the November 4th General Election. Michael_Webber_small

It was a hard fought victory. I have a great deal of respect for my Republican opponents – Mark Avery and Lana Mangiapane. Both candidates ran spirited and positive campaigns for the nomination. They have reached out to me to help in the fall and I appreciate their support.

Thank you for all that you did over the past months to make Tuesday possible. From knocking on doors to putting up yard signs, from making phone calls to working at a polling place, our campaign had great support from volunteers throughout the summer. I would like to give special recognition to my campaign manager Doug Boehm and campaign intern Sean Kosecki for putting in the long days needed to win.

Of course you cannot run a campaign without family support. My wife Julia and son James have been with me at events and on the doors throughout the summer. My parents Bob and Nancy have both helped tremendously with door to door, phone calls and letters. I am thankful for their support on this journey.

After a brief rest, we will prepare for the November election. I anticipate a sharp contrast of ideas on how we can move our state and region forward. I look forward to our next challenge as a campaign.

A brief note about Yard Signs: If you have a yard sign at your home or business, please take it down until we let you know this fall when to put it back up. Frankly, people are tired of looking at political yard signs. So we will give them a break for a bit.

Thanks again for your support.


Mike Webber
Candidate, State Representative

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