What Is on Your Holiday Wish List?

The holiday season can be a very busy and stressful time of year. During the season, it can be easy to put yourself on the backburner. Your gift and to-do lists are probably a mile long and your weekends and evenings are most likely jampacked with parties, shopping, and family engagements. Before you spend another minute adding something else to your list or calendar, take a closer look. Are you on them? If not, why not?

Now is a great time to reflect on your own wish list and all the things you”d love to accomplish. What is one thing you have been dreaming of doing for years? How about making 2011 the year you checked it off your list?

Maybe there is a hobby you would like to try? A class or program you would like to enroll in? Remember your dream of becoming a pastry chef? How about enrolling in that weekend culinary class that you”ve been eyeing for quite some time? What about that Thursday evening Zumba class that you have been unable to make it to until now? Take a look at your calendar and schedule something for yourself in the new year that is enriching, fun, and engaging.

The possibilities for 2011 are endless and so is your wish list. Spend some time thinking about your plans for the new year and put yourself at the top of your list. If you need help coming up with a plan for making 2011 your best year yet, I”m only an email away.

Jackie Trepanier, Founder of Cultivated Coaching, is a leading coach and voice of today’s accomplished professionals. She works one on one with those ready to develop a plan for the next chapter of their businesses, careers, and lives. Jackie can be reached at jackie@cultivatedcoaching.com or www.cultivatedcoaching.com.

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